Jerry Lawrence’s teardrop trailer

I’ve unearthed some photos of a teardrop trailer made by Jerry Lawrence. I recall getting a CD from him and I’d promised to post his photos on my own website to provide a showcase for his (very fine) work since he didn’t have a website of his own to host on. So, while this is somewhat belated, I don’t see that they’ve been posted anywhere else yet. So here you go Jerry!

the teardrop trailer I built – the Journette

Back in 2002 and finished in 2003, I designed and built a teardrop trailer that I called the Journette. I used significantly modified Kuffel Creek plans (I bought both the Cubby and Comet plans to consult) as well as information from teardrop trailer discussion forums at the time.

I ended up having to pawn it [at Hy & Mike’s in Salt Lake City, Utah] in order to have enough cash to get me the rest of the way to Vacaville, California. A ‘California or Bust’ endeavor as I was on my way to do subcontracting work for Birchwood Beauties, a vintage trailer restoration shop. I’ve often wondered if that trailer is still around, either at the pawn shop, or if someone picked it up.